Visit DeBellis Ranch and Find Stunning Flowers and a Beautiful Location

Find beautiful flowers grown on Acton property.Of the many great reasons to buy Acton property, one that stands out is the unique rural character of the town. It may be only 50 miles from downtown Los Angeles, but it has a much slower pace of life and wholly different outlook from the big city. Many people are leaving the city and see living in Acton as a chance to put their values first--family, community, and creating connections in our hyper individualistic society. In Acton, you’ll meet people who are working on farms and ranches that have been in their families for several generations. You’ll also meet people who are new to farming and approach it as a way to build community.

Come to the Acton Property for U-Pick Flowers and Fall Fun

One of these newer family farms is DeBellis Ranch. They specialize in growing gorgeous flowers. Depending on the season, you’ll find English roses, zinnias, sunflowers, ranunculus, and anemones. Throughout the spring and summer, you can find gorgeous bouquets for sale. There are also delightful u-pick events in the summer when guests are invited to come and create their own bouquets of the ranch’s stunning flowers.

In the fall, DeBellis Ranch is open for lots of fun. There’s u-pick flowers, of course. Guests are welcome to wear their costumes to take photos at one of the fun photo spots. Pick out farm-raised pumpkins, discover amazing local crafts, and get sweet treats from the ice cream truck.

With its fields of flowers, herbs, and berries, DeBellis Ranch is the perfect Acton property location for a wedding or photoshoot.

There's a lot going on, so you’ll want to follow DeBellis Ranch on Facebook to keep up with events and offerings from the farm. Check out their Instagram to see photos of their many varieties of flowers and scenes of farm life. Visit the DeBellis Ranch website to find contact info and read their story. 

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