The Museum of Art and History Opens January 22

The Museum of Art and History is currently closed to those who call West Lancaster home, but it's for good reason. They are preparing for their next exhibition and will reopen on January 22, 2022. The new exhibition is titled Activation. It will feature solo exhibitions of a variety of artists and include a number of events. Those living in a West Lancaster home can consider coming for the opening reception, which will take place on January 22nd from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Six different artists will have solo exhibitions. April Bey presents The Opulent Blerd. Now based in Los Angeles, this artist’s work reflects a social critique of American and Bahamian cultures. She also discusses feminism, racial construct, and pop culture. Carla Jay Harris presents A Season in the Wilderness. She aspires to document psychological, emotional, and intellectual environments. Her pieces use photography and digital manipulation to express various aspects of human nature.

Keith Collins will present Ali. He is an American visual artist specializing in oil paintings, automotive floor mats, tapestries, and industrial assemblage sculpture. His pieces explore abstraction, sports, music, and portraiture. Mark Steven Greenfield will feature A Survey, 2001-2021. Growing up in a military family, Greenfield spent time abroad when he was young and realized the extent of negative stereotyping of African Americans. His pieces are anchored in Black history and the Black experience.

Paul Stephen Benjamin presents a unique exhibition titled Oh Say. This is a compilation of African American vocalists singing the National Anthem. The performances from the 1960’s to present day will be played on a number of screens. The last participant in this exhibition is Sergio Hernandez. He presents the Chicano Time Capsule, Nelli Quitoani. Hernandez worked as an illustrator for Con Safos Magazine. He contributed to the Chicano art and power movements and his pieces align with this theme. Everyone living in West Lancaster real estate is invited to read more about this exhibition here.

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