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    • The Agua Dulce Property Community Helps Out During Shelter in Place

    The Agua Dulce Property Community Helps Out During Shelter in Place

    Agua Dulce property owners help out during coronavirus quarantineSince Los Angeles County is under shelter in place orders, most of us are spending our time at home. Some of us are able to continue to work from our Agua Dulce properties. It’s not easy, but with a good internet connection and a computer or laptop, we can continue. For others living in Agua Dulce, shelter in place is more than an inconvenience. It’s a financial disaster. There are several state and federal programs designed to help people. Small business owners can apply for forgivable loans, for example. There is support for those unable to pay rent or mortgage due to covid-19. And Congress has acted to give support checks to almost all Americans.

    Anyone Living in Agua Dulce Can Volunteer or Receive Help

    While we wait for the support from the state and federal governments, the community is coming together. Agua Dulce Women’s Club is spear-heading efforts to organize help and assistance for anyone in the community who might need it. The novel coronavirus is especially dangerous for people 65 and older, people who are immunocompromised, and those with underlying health conditions. Staying home and away from possible contact with infected individuals is important for these people. However, you can’t just stay in at your Agua Dulce property unless you have groceries, home goods, and necessary medications.

    The ADWC hopes to connect volunteers who can go grocery shopping and pick up prescriptions with people who need a helping hand during this difficult time. Whether you need help or are able to offer it, get in touch with the ADWC. Call 1-833-OUR-AWDC (1-833-687-2392), extension 5. Or email You can also follow the club Facebook page to find contact information. It also has the most up to date information about the club’s activities in the community.

    Visit the Agua Dulce Women’s Club online to learn more. They also have several excellent resources on how to stop the spread of coronavirus and links to trustworthy agencies to get information.


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