Spend a Day with Alpacas at the Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch

There are many great ways to interact with animals near any Acton home. There are ranches and animal preserves to enjoy some time outside and learn more about some amazing creatures. One such ranch that is open to visitors is Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch. The ranch is located in Agua Dulce and is currently open for visits by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. If you would like to come, either call or email to set up a time.

Visitors are invited to come be with and learn about alpacas. If you are looking to purchase alpacas or are a breeder, you are also welcome. In addition, boarding services are available. If you own an alpaca and they cannot stay at your Acton home for any period of time, consider a stay at Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch. Services available include all hay and supplements, worming, inoculations, and toe trimming.

If you are interested in owning alpacas, this ranch is a great resource. Many alpacas are available for purchase from white to true black. There are pet/fleece animals available as well as prize winning show animals. No matter your interest, the ranch can work with you to find the right fit. The owner of the ranch fell in love with alpacas 19 years ago and left her corporate job to tend to the ranch full-time. She cares for the alpacas 24/7 and knows much about them. She will be a great resource if you are interested in owning alpacas.

In addition to the animals, there are alpaca products available for purchase. You can buy 100% baby alpaca yarn as well as handcrafted knitwear. Alpaca fleece is soft and luxurious, and also water-repellant. Anyone living in Acton who is interested in Alpacas is invited to check out Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch. Find more details here

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