See Local Art at Antelope Valley Walls

Art is very important to many living in Acton real estate. The arts are treasured all throughout the Antelope Valley and the region is lucky to have the Museum of Art and History available in Lancaster. Thanks to the museum, there is a unique art event coming up. Previously known as POW!WOW! Antelope Valley, Antelope Valley Walls is coming back this year. The event will take place from September 11th through the 17th, 2022. Local and international talent will adorn the community with vibrant murals all over the Antelope Valley. The new murals will go with the previous murals painted in 2016, 2018, and 2020. There will be 20 new murals added to the community this year. 

The artists will be in the area painting during the week leading up to the festival. This global celebration of music, culture, and art was founded in 2010 in Hawaii. This local event is part of something much bigger and this area is lucky to have these amazing murals added to their city. 

The artists this year include Ben Brough, Chloe Becky, Amandalynn Grazier, Brandon Thompson, Carlos Mendoza, Carly Ealey, Christopher Konecki, Christopher Minsal, Kim Sielbeck, Lily Brick, Lori Antoinette, Mamawisdom, Nuri Amanatullah, Sasha Swedlund, Sean Banister, Tina Dille, Victoria Cassinova, Vojislav Radovanovic, and Yolanda Glass. These terrific talents will be working all around the area, adding beauty to various locations. Keep an eye on the event information to find a map so that you can know where to look for these murals whenever you are spending the day away from your Acton real estate.

The Antelope Valley holds plenty of natural beauty, and these murals only add to it. Celebrate this area and the chance to call Acton home by celebrating Antelope Valley Walls. Keep informed about the week and find all of the details you need to be involved here

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