Agua Dulce property owners ride horses.One of the awesome things about owning Agua Dulce property is how rural the community still is. This means that people living in Agua Dulce have plenty of room for things like horseback riding. Even if you don’t have space at your own home, you can still get to riding stables in just a few minutes. Weber Training Stables is located just a few minutes from downtown Agua Dulce. The owner and head trainer, Joy Weber-McKendrick has more than 20 years of experience in training horses and giving horseback riding lessons. Her approach is highly individualized, since she knows that no two horses or riders are the same.

Everyone Living in Agua Dulce Can Take Lessons

If you want to learn to ride horses, and more importantly, understand them, then Weber Training Stables (WTS) with the place for you. Lessons with Joy Weber focus on learning important skills from grooming and tacking to how to warm up, ride, and cool down a horse. Students also learn why certain types of equipment are needed in specific situations. They also learn how and why horses respond to the techniques they practice. And of course, they learn all the basics of how to sit and move while riding a horse. WTS students come away from lessons with a deep and intuitive knowledge of the way horses think, as well as very strong riding skills. Private lessons are either 30 minutes, especially for kids seven or younger, or one hour. Semi private and group lessons are also available. In order to keep everyone safe, group lessons are only for riders at an intermediate level or above. All students must wear low-heeled, close toed shoes and long pants.

WTS has horses to lease for an affordable monthly fee. Horse training is also offered, both at the stables and at off site Agua Dulce property.

Visit Weber Training Stables to learn more about Joy, as well as lessons, training, and conditioning.