Agua Dulce home owners board their dogs at Dog TownPlenty of Agua Dulce home owners share their houses with a dog or two. There’s nothing like coming home from work or school and being greeted by a delighted canine. Even when you go on vacation, many places nowadays allow you to bring along the four-footed members of the family. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. And if you have to travel for work, you’ll probably need to leave your pooch at home. Whatever the reason, you have to find someone who is trustworthy and dependable to care for your dogs until you get back. If you don’t have a friend or family member who’s able to do it, what can you do? Call Tina’s Dog Town!

Your Dog Will Have a Blast on Five Acres of Agua Dulce Real Estate

Tina has lived in the area since 1984 and has a big heart for dogs. She owns five acres of Agua Dulce real estate, so each dog in her care has plenty of room to play. There are large yards for dogs who need lots of space. Dogs that prefer to be by themselves have individual yards. There are social yards for dogs that like company. No dog is confined to a cage. Each yard has access to a climate controlled indoor space, so dogs can go inside and rest or cool off whenever they want. Inside are comfy beds, cozy blankets, and toys. The dogs are never bored! Each dog boarded at Dog Town gets its meals served, as well as treats every day. Medication will be administered, too, at no extra charge. And of course, the dogs have plenty of play time and affection from Tina and her team. Boarding fees start at $35 for large dogs or $30 for small dogs in social yards. Tina’s Agua Dulce home is on the property, so she’s always close by when the dogs need her.

Visit Tina’s Dog Town to learn more about boarding fees, see pictures of the property, find open hours, and get directions.