Agua Dulce real estate owners go to Animal Tracks Inc.Animal loving Agua Dulce real estate owners have a treat in store when they plan a visit to Animal Tracks Inc. There is quite a variety of creatures at the ranch. Most were kept illegally as exotic pets and are not able to return to their natural habitats. They are able to be cared for properly at the ranch, and many of them enjoy interacting with visitors. You can see capuchin monkeys, a lemur, a few different species of foxes, wild cats, kangaroos, an armadillo, a hedgehog, horses, a pig, raccoons, and several other species. There are reptiles, birds, and insects, too, including a Burmese python, an alligator, cockatoos, emus, an Asian forest scorpion, walking sticks, and more.

Creature Enthusiasts from Agua Dulce Homes Can Book a Tour Today!

You can plan to join a public tour or meet up with friends from Agua Dulce homes for a private tour. The Sanctuary Tour is open to anyone over the age of eight. All tour members will meet several different creatures, including reptiles, ferrets, opossums, wolf hybrids, kangaroos, Chrissy the baboon, along with several others. There’s also the Monkey Experience. Tour members must be at least 16 to participate in the tour and meet the capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkey, and the baboon. The most popular tour is the Animal Adventure Combo, which is three hours long and includes all the creatures on the Sanctuary Tour and the Monkey Experience. All tour members must be 16 or older. Kids under age eight can come tot he Agua Dulce real estate location with their grown ups for the Children’s Tour. The tour is only an hour long, but it can include many animals, from kangaroos to a kookaburra, an alligator, and hedgehogs.

Mark your calendar for the Sanctu-scary Tour on Sunday, October 27th from 10 a.m. to noon. The first hour of the tour will allow guests to meet the kangaroos, ferrets, the fennec fox, and the hedgehogs. The second hour will include craft time, making treats for the animals, and maybe even a few treats for humans, too. This tour is geared especially at kids ages two to 10, though everyone is welcome.

Visit Animal Tracks Inc to get more information about the different tour options, the creatures living on the ranch, and book tickets.