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    • Enjoy Sushi on Palmdale West Real Estate at Big Tuna Japanese Restaurant

    Enjoy Sushi on Palmdale West Real Estate at Big Tuna Japanese Restaurant

    Enjoy sushi on Palmdale West real estateHelp support local restaurants near your Palmdale West real estate by ordering takeout. An afternoon or evening off from preparing a meal is always welcome and local restaurants need our help in these uncertain times. Big Tuna Japanese Restaurant is open for takeaway orders only Monday through Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. There are many locations around the area and the Palmdale restaurant is located at 1329 West Rancho Vista Boulevard. The telephone number is 661.273.9966.

    There’s Something for Everyone at Your Palmdale West Home

    Big Tuna has an extensive menu. Order your favorites or try a new dish each time. Choose from appetizers, salads, sashimi, sushi, tempura, bowls, lunch bento, dinner bento, rolls, drinks, and desserts. Sashimi options include Cajon tuna, albacore, eel, octopus, salmon, striped bass, tuna, or yellowtail. A large number of sushi options are available, including bean curd, freshwater eel, mackerel, smelt roe, scallop, salmon, octopus, and many more. Make it a date night at your Palmdale West real estate by ordering sushi and beer cocktails, or tea.

    For those who have a love for fried food, try the selections of crispy tempura. Options are shrimp, vegetable, or shrimp and vegetable. Entrees are also available, which include rice, salad, two pieces of tempura shrimp, and ice cream. These are a great choice for an entire meal. Choose from beef teriyaki, chicken katsu, chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, or steak teriyaki.

    Check out the huge list of available rolls at Big Tuna. These rolls are beautiful and there is something for every taste. Try the firecracker, eel special, green dragon, calamari tempura, baked white fish, 911 roll, caterpillar roll, California roll, vegetable tempura, salmon skin roll, red dragon, popcorn roll, or one of many others. Take a look at the extensive menu and plan the perfect meal to bring back to your Palmdale West home.


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