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    Introduction to Technical Canyoneering

    Robbers Roost Canyoneering & Adventures

    Want to explore some of the North America’s most spectacular and awe-inspiring technical canyons with names such as Mindbender, Larry, Bluejohn, Heaps and Leprechaun? Looking to have fun in the canyons, learn essential safety skills, and...

    Intermediate/Advanced Bike Ride

    Santa Clarita Triathlon Club

    Approx 50 miles no drop ride.

    D&D 5e Santa Clarita, Session #7

    Valley D&D and Roleplaying Game Meetup Group

    Session #7 will be on 10/10. Last week we had the largest turnout yet. 16 total people and we needed 4 tables to seat everyone.Paper Hero's Comics continues to host the location in Santa Clarita. The start time is 5pm and we can play until 10pm...